Wrap up of Jdramas Spring 2019 season

Before the Summer 2019 season starts, I should list down all the dramas that I caught for the Spring season — in alphabetical order 🙂 This season turned out to be much better than expected, and I was able to finish up ALL the dramas I started, which is really rare.

Anata no Ban desu
Binged this and got addicted straightaway. It continues into Summer 2019 so will continue to chase as well. I also started watching the spinoff. As expected, some eps of the spinoff are ridiculous, but some are heartwarming, and some are… erm, baka…

Dying Eye
I was quite terrified at first cos I’m really bad with horror stuff, but I wanted to know what will happen so… I finished this drama lol

Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru
English Subs by IrozukuSubs
It’s a much more serious drama than I thought. Apart from that graduation scene which I thought was too over, this was a good drama. Plus, I was really impressed with Kaneko Daichi’s acting. I cried so much in ep5. He’s the main reason I decided to pick this up.

Hakui no Senshi
One of the unexpected dramas I chased. To be honest I didn’t like Ayami’s exagerrated acting when I first started watching ep1, but somehow got so used to it that I started enjoying it lol. Fushigi deshou~? I would definitely recommend this drama. It’s fun and lighthearted but also heartwarming at times. Both couples are cute.

In Hand
Yamapi suits this kind of Aizawa-like characters, but this Hakase is more fun than Aizawa, especially the way he thinks so highly of himself lol. “There’s nothing a genius can’t do.” ne? Entertaining drama, and love the dynamics between him, Hamada Gaku and Nanao.

A weird but lighthearted and fun drama. I like Morikawa Aoi in here, and although I ship Terada with Hongyou, I sometimes feel attracted to Hase’s sunshine smile 🙂

Mirror Twins S1 & S2
Good drama to binge watch, and nice OST. I find Season 1 more interesting than Season 2 (which falls under Summer 2019). I actually cried at the end of Season 1… and definitely Yuugo > Keigo, yup.

At the midway point now i.e. ep78 and like most asadoras I watch of not-so-ancient era i.e. Amachan, Mare, Hiyokko and Hanbun, Aoi -type of asadoras, I’m enjoying it. Moreover the theme is interesting — manga movies. I was interested in Hanbun, Aoi cos it dealt with mangas. This time, drawings, paintings and animation. The casting is perfect. Suzu, Ryo, Taishi… Fujiki Naohito and Matsushima Nanako as her parents are perfect. Okada Masaki as the older brother, also perfect. Wait, Kiyohara Sho as her other older brother is also perfect lol. And now Kiyohara Kaya as her younger sister, also perfect lol. Guess this is a special one since it’s the 100th asadora. Anyway, at this point, I’m still shipping Natsu and Tenyou, even though Tenyou already…. *zips*

Ore no Skirt doko itta
Nagase Ren was the reason I watched this. He has a face that I like, and the Yamazaki Kento kind of ‘pattern’ lol. But I also found myself chuckling at how cute that weird gay ojisan is. It’s a meaningful drama, even without the eye candy. Michieda has potential ne. I remember him from Haha ni Naru and Absolute Zero 3. Oh, I didn’t know the other boy is a Johnnys too lol.

Oshii Keiji
Kazama never fails to deliver. He’s funny, and even more so as the ‘oshii’ keiji, always almost making it but losing it at the end lol. An easy watch since it’s only 4 eps!

Otto no Chinpo ga Hairanai
This one was quite unique. I was curious cos of the title lol.

Perfect World
What I liked best about this drama is perhaps the theme song by Suda Masaki? I thought the side cast did well here, like Seto Koji and Nakamura Yuri, and the younger ‘couple’ Okazaki Sae and Matsumura Hokuto (Hokuto ne, I think his acting has improved a lot from the last time I saw him).

Radiation House
I watched this for Hirose Alice. I like Honda Tsubasa as a celebrity, but her acting is really quite… I mean, sometimes I can’t tell if the expression she’s making is happy or sad or angry or what… though she’s not half as bad as a certain N……. Yurika lol.

Strawberry Night Saga
I’ve never watched the original drama so I can’t compare this to that, but it’s a decent drama on its own. Nikaido Fumi delivers convincing acting once again. I thought she had chemistry with Yamamoto Koji, their forbidden love quite got to me lol. Kame’s character on the other hand is dull but observant. But I can’t feel any chemistry between him and Fumi. I guess that’s the weakest part of the drama. I liked the ending theme (“Rain” by Kame) a lot though. It’s really suitable for the mood of the drama. And I also really liked Shige’s character at the start…. T_T. It kinda dragged a bit towards the end of the series but I was able to finish it nonetheless.

Takane to Hana
Lighthearted drama that I binged, 6 eps in a row. I got used to Takahiro’s exaggerated facial expressions midway through the first ep, but I still can’t see him as an “ojisan”. Tbh he looks the same age as the students in this show lol.

Watashi Teiji de Kaerimasu
English Sub by IrozukuSubs
I could get into this drama straightaway. Perhaps because I could relate. I had a boss who told me that she thinks I’m not dedicated in my job just because I’m married. Seriously, WTF? It was then that I realized she hired only singles who aren’t attached — when I was hired, I was still single lol. Anyway, I was doing web work for a few years before moving on to marketing, so whatever Yui and her team are doing is really something I could relate to. Though I’m not exactly a fan of either Yoshitaka Yuriko or Mukai Osamu, I really love Yui and Kotaro. They are my favourite couple this season! I’m still working on ep3 at the moment… Still a long way to go but ganbarimasu!

My two sleeping beauties of Spring 2019 🙂

Sore ja. Till the next time I have time to write something!

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