Last weekend in our Buchs apartment

#snowing #viewfromapartment 2020年12月6日


Time flies.

It’s already our last weekend here.

So, over the past few weeks, I’ve packed some stuff to be shipped back, returned a few appliances to Migros for recycling, deregistered at the town office, informed the insurance companies that we’re leaving the country, went to the bank a few times to settle the account closing issues, and at the same time, I’ve been trying to keep up with household chores, dramas, animes, and subbing lol.

We’re moving out of our apartment this Friday but the schedule is a bit tight so I’m a bit nervous. The brocki is expected to come at 8.30am. They’ll pick up our furniture (bed, sofa, tables, chairs, racks) and basically everything they can take (curtains, iron board, carpets, lights, etc)! Then we got to make sure the apartment is “perfectly clean” and empty before the flat inspection at 3pm. Will probably have to make a trip to the hotel to dump our luggages, return the router to Sunrise, and to the bank again after the flat inspection (hope nothing is wrong and we get back the full deposit~). If it snows that day (which it most likely will, according to the forecast), it’s gonna slow us down… and I hate dragging luggages in the snow…

Alice in Borderland, Cherry Maho and Shanai will drop on Thursday, and even though I’m like REALLY dying to watch all of them!!, I know I’ll probably be too busy to do so. Hope I have time to at least dl them first to my laptop so I can watch in the hotel room or something~ So, Friday night will be in Buchs, and Saturday we’ll be moving to Zurich. I don’t know how I’ll survive next weekend, but ganbarimasu, me! LOL


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  1. I found your subtitles in Cherry Maho, and wanna say thank you very much! I am also learning Japanese now, and your English translation skill inspires me a lot. A little late, but let me tell you “明けましておめでとうございます。素敵な一年になりますように。^_^”

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  2. Fan

    Thanks for your great work sharing fun and heartwarming j-dramas with the rest of the non-japanese- speaking world.
    lol… I would never have guessed, that you literally used to live 15 minutes away from me…

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      OMG really?! Do you live in Buchs too? I never thought there were fellow jdrama watchers near me =D

  3. Fan

    Hi, Yes I started as a Anime/Manga (SailerMoon -> Death Note ;-P) fan as a child/early teenager. I transformed to a J-drama watcher as a late teenager (I guess my all-time favourite would be Hundred Million Stars From the Sky, but Japan has a lot to offer, then fun and heartwarming stuff I also appreciate a lot – i.e. Hotaru no Hikari). Unfortunatly I had no friends growing up with the same taste as me. Which made me a secret fan girl 🙂
    After I turned twenty I traveled Japan solo for a months exploring from Kanazawa to Kumamoto. I still have all the souvinirs from that time.
    I stopped watching them for a long time, but recently I picked them up again. Thank to your subbing!

    I live in Bal***s just across the river 15 minutes south. If you are ever in the region again, we can meet up fan-girling over coffee/tea.

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      Sure! If I do go back, I’d love to meet up for fangirling/coffee/tea!

      I love Hotaru no Hikari too. Haven’t watched the other one yet but I’ll add it to my list. I’m sometimes in the mood for older dramas. My first jdrama was Majo no Jouken back in 1999. Those were the days where jdramas aired on free-to-air tv here. Now they’re only available subscription-only… Oh, solo trip from Kanto to Kyushuu? I might have found someone as adventurous as me haha. I did a few solo trips to Japan before but the craziest thing I did was a 2-day cycling thing on the Shimanami Kaido. Unforgettable in many ways lol. Oh I miss Japan so much~ We were supposed to do another trip this year after returning home from Switzerland, but who would have thought corona-chan came and stayed…

  4. Fan

    Hi again,

    Sorry, for the huge delay (I am quite the explorer lol I spend the last two weeks travelleing through Iceland in a campervan it is an amazing country as well. Highly recommended to). The first big trip since corona started, I enjoyed it alot. I hope you can visit it Japan soon, after the vaccination is in full swing maybe by christmas?
    Shimanami Kaido bike trip looks fun, I should definitly do this the next time I travel japan! I think I did stop over in Iwagjima for a Bunraku Theater… can not remember for sure, it was some where on the route though.
    Thanks for the Majo recommendation, i will check it out at some point.
    I added my email adress so you can just send me an email if you are dropping by at some point, or I happen to go to zurich.

    Greetings Fan

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