I miss Winter

Or maybe I just miss AIRCON.

I was looking at some pics I took earlier this year when we first arrived… and I suddenly miss the days where we didn’t have to chase flies out of the window every day (which we have been doing the past few weeks or so…)

Tashikani, it was troublesome when we had to wear layers after layers, then take them out when we enter and leave shops etc. But… yappari it’s better cold than hot?

Sou ka, so this is how it is like living in a country with four seasons (and without aircon) ne~

It was already so hot today, but it’ll be even hotter tomorrow onwards, for the rest of the week.

This is scary… 33deg /(_ _)\

The mobile aircon I bought definitely won’t be enough for such temperatures…

Guess I need to stock up on beers again…

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