Of libraries and afternoon teas

I think I’m getting addicted to libraries and afternoon teas.

I haven’t been to the library for over a decade. In fact, I’m not the bookworm kind of person. I will need loads of motivation to sit still and read a book. If I recall well, the last English book I read was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and that was in… *googles* 2007! –akirashock– lol. In recent years, I’ve been reading Japanese novels and mangas instead. After all, my interest changed rather drastically about ten years ago.

Anyway, I went to the library yesterday and borrowed four books, all non-fiction. Two on cookery, one on travel and the other on design. It felt great when you find a good book ne. It’s kinda like finding a suitable piece of clothing in a second hand vintage shop? Un, though it remains to see if I can finish reading them all before the due date hehe~

After spending about 1/2 hour at the library, I met up with a friend for afternoon tea, enjoying the 1-for-1 weekday afternoon promo at Swensen’s. One of the perks of being a non 9-5 working folk, I guess. Though we were also ranting about how insecure we are without a job, I’ve decided that at least until the end of the year, or till that certain verdict is out, whichever is earlier, I shall take it easy and perhaps try to arrange more afternoon tea sessions with friends.

This half-priced Beef Lasagne tasted really good. And I had a really good cup of Cafe Latte after as well. Most importantly, it was the time spent catching up that was most precious.

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