Feeling Swissed today =D

About a month and a week after our arrival, we’ve finally received our Swiss IDs!

Last week we were at the migration office for the integration agreement interview. It was a short session, but really informative. I didn’t know about the “keep the noise level down from 12-1pm everyday” thing. I only knew about the 10pm-7am rule ne.

Anyway, I’m getting quite used to life here. It’s been 3 weeks since we moved into our new apartment and I’ve put out household waste for collection once, carton once, and have also located the nearest recycling bins for PET bottles, plastic bottles, aluminium cans/tins, glass bottles, plastic, lamps, batteries, water filters, etc. I’ve gotten a waste calendar 2019 from the town hall, and I’m kinda getting the hang of things, knowing where to go for what items. We also followed the husband’s nihonjin colleague over to Austria to the nearest Asia food mart. It was so exciting seeing familiar items on the shelves, like Tasty Singapore’s Hainanese Chicken Rice paste, Indomie Mi Goreng, and Chee Seng sesame oil!

Since the beginning of last week, I’ve been getting up earlier to prepare bento for the husband. So far, I’ve set my Monday mornings for “vacuum-clean-mop the whole house”. Tuesdays would be “head to the supermarket” day as there would be new items on Aktion. I’m gonna sign up for German lessons too. A2 level is the new requirement for foreigners as of Jan 2019. Good news is even though I’m here because of ‘family reunification’, I’m allowed to work. Well, my “current job” as a hausfrau cum personal assistant and my “side job” as a translator, fansubber and fangirl lol is keeping me busy already.

Toriaezu, kotsu kotsu, kotsu kotsu desu.

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