Announcement [DROPPED]

[23 Jan 2020] UPDATE: This project has been dropped.

I feel bad for the rest of the cast and staff, and the drama itself, who are innocent and dragged into this mess, especially Kiritani Kenta who shares the lead. But I can’t continue working on this anymore, not in the near future at least, unless they make changes to the cast or something which is highly unlikely. I’ve translated about 25 mins of the first ep before the affair came to light, and after that I just can’t see him in the same way anymore. I’m really sorry to people who might still be looking forward to the drama…

It’s a shame, this drama had so much potential…

I’ll be picking up the TV Asahi drama “Keiji to Kenji” starring Kiritani Kenta and Higashide Masahiro. I really enjoyed the first episode so I’ve decided to give it a go. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Synopsis (from

Nakaido Gota (Kiritani Kenta) is a detective with the Kanagawa Prefectural Police while Mashima Shuhei (Higashide Masahiro) is a prosecutor with the Yokohama District Prosecutors’ Office’s Minato Branch. Nakaido is the kind of guy who goes to great pains to arrest criminals and wants to be appreciated by the victims. He has little concept of compliance at a time when it is considered important. On the other hand, Mashima believes the best social justice is to prosecute criminals. Therefore, detectives who gather evidence are the “pawns” of prosecutors. Brimming with their own sense of justice, the two men tackle numerous cases. Detectives often get no justice. Despite risking their lives to arrest suspects, 70% of the cases get dropped. All prosecutors will fight for convictions because the conviction rate for criminal cases is more than 99%. Nakaido and Mashima naturally clash but begin to empathise with each other.

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9 thoughts on “Announcement [DROPPED]

  1. Just found out about his scandal…I understand not wanting to continue this.

    I was really looking forward to this drama because of Kiritani Kenta, Higa Manami and even Higashide Masahiro cause I was a fan of his. I lost so much respect for him and like you can’t even bare to see him in anything anymore and it sucks since he’s in a lot of dramas and movies that I enjoyed and still re-watch them.
    It’s not fair on the rest of the cast and staff since it’s not their fault and they worked hard… anyone knows if the drama is still continuing and if they limited his scenes?

    1. Yeah, they continued filming and airing the drama as planned. I don’t think his scenes were reduced. Just that promotion of the drama on SNS etc has been done by Kiritani and the rest of the cast instead.

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