Hanalei Bay (2018)

Sorry I took so long with this. As more than half of the movie is in English, I’ve decided to transcribe the English dialogue as well. A slow paced movie but I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Hanalei Bay (Eng Sub)

Yoshida Yo, Sano Reo, Murakami Nijiro
Runtime: 1hr 36mins 43s
Special thanks to Screenrider, Lilz & J-san!

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7 thoughts on “Hanalei Bay (2018)

  1. Thanks! This was a fascinating film. I need to buy the Murukami collection where this short story appeared.

  2. Thank you so much for subbing and sharing this beautiful, enlightening, heartfelt movie. My only son is 19, we are very close. As I mother I don’t want to imagine the loss Sachi was experiencing. I am looking forward to watching more movies starring Yo Yoshida.

  3. Thanks so much for this. I’ve been praying that someone would sub this film for a while now. God bless you

  4. não achei o filme com legenda em português (minha língua principal) mas me agrada muito ter achado em inglês porque consigo entender, foi simplesmente um filme lindo

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