Black Cinderella ep.01

I hope you will enjoy this pilot ep as much as I did! I was surprised the ep was almost an hour long, double of what I expected and kinda like the extended first eps we sometimes get with prime time series. Anyway, as you can probably tell, releases have slowed down since I started working full time. Apart from being drained of energy after work each day, I’ve also gotten my back injured 😅 So, until my back recovers and my energy levels are back, I’ll probably be subbing at a snail’s pace. i.e. I probably won’t be able to keep up with weekly releases. Thanks in advance for your understanding!

Black Cinderella

Riko, Kamio Fuju, Itagaki Mizuki, Erica

Episode 1 (Eng Sub)
52min 15s
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17 thoughts on “Black Cinderella ep.01

  1. Otsukaresama~! Please take your time to sub this and don’t push yourself ^^ and I hope you will recover soon !

  2. Thank you so much ~!. I hope you’ll feel better <3. Just take your time and have a good rest <3

  3. thank you so much ! I hope your back feels better. take your time, i appreciate the subs!! always amazing.

  4. just found out someone is subbing this and nearly jumped out of my chair!!
    thank u 🙂 please take ur time and feel better don’t feel as tho u have to push urself or rush it
    we will be waiting patiently (but very excitedly!)

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