Gyoretsu no Megami ep.03

Sorry to keep you waiting. Here’s ep3! Yutori gets her first consulting job? A rival appears? Loads of fun moments. Hope you will enjoy! And I’ll hand the translation back to Fi3 for ep4 ?

Gyouretsu no Megami ~ Ramen Saiyuki

Suzuki Kyoka, Kuroshima Yuina, Matsui Rena, Takahashi Maryjun, Koseki Yuta, etc.
Translation by Fi3/Mich, edit/timing/typeset/QC by Mich.
Thanks to Zemus/JPTVTs for the raw!

Episode 3 (Eng Sub)
44min 54s
Download Hardsub (450MB, 1280*720)
Download Softsub (Patrons only)


  1. T K

    Thank you so much for subbing this 🙂 looks like it will be a really good one.
    I have a request pls ( onegaimasu ) please would you also sub the golden words/sentences in the black bands in the series ? Looks like the names and designation of respective people shown. That we be awesome !! Arigatou Gozaimasu.

  2. dhisashi

    Kuroshima Yuina is one of my favorite younger actresses. Thanks for subbing this. Please continue.

    Foodie dramas are also a favorite of mine. I always watch Kodoku no Gurume.

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