He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die (2019)

A few translator notes below. I hope you will enjoy this beautiful movie. Meanwhile, it was announced on 15 June that this film won two awards at the 29th Japan Movie Critics Award — Mamiya Shotaro won Best Actor, and Kobayashi Keiichi won one of the three Best Newcomer Director awards. Congratulations!

  • Combini – convenience store e.g. 7-11, Family Mart, Lawson.
  • Seikimatsu Park was probably named after the author (Seikimatsu) of the comic this movie is based on.
  • Bento – a packed meal or lunch box.
  • Dola is a character from the Ghibli movie “Laputa: Castle in the Sky”.

Also, here’s an interesting tidbit! The names of our lead characters Kosaka Rei & Shikano Nana can be found in the film title “Korosanai Kare & Shinanai Kanojo”. Check out the bolded bits! 😉

Korosanai Kare to Shinanai Kanojo (Eng Sub)

Mamiya Shotaro, Sakurai Hinako, Tsunematsu Yuri, Hotta Mayu, Yanai Yumena, Yutaro…
Runtime: 2hr 02mins 42s

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13 thoughts on “He Won’t Kill, She Won’t Die (2019)

  1. thank you so much for subbing.Could you please also add japanese subtitle?But I think adding jap sub may be distrubed for people who watch with e sub.I am studying japanese so I also wanna learn japanese words from japanese drama . BTW where can I find jap sub for jap drama?

    1. thank you so much for subbing this beautiful movie perfectly. i never cried so much like this and loving it in the same time🥺🥺

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