Rental nan mo shinai hito ep.07

Quite a lot of notes here, please bear with me~

  • The host Ryuya adds “~kurisutaru kei” (Crystal Kay, Japanese singer-songwriter) at the end of his sentences when he says “~makuri” or “~arimakuri“. No particular meaning, just a play of words~
  • Sakamoto Ryoma (坂本龍馬) was a Japanese samurai and influential figure of the Bakumatsu and establishment of the Empire of Japan in the late Edo period. He was a key figure in Japan’s modernization and contributed to overthrowing the Tokugawa Shogunate.
  • “Ryoma ga yuku” (竜馬がゆく, literally, “Ryoma goes his way”) is the title of a famous novel by Shiba Ryotaro that documents the life of Sakamoto Ryoma. The novel has sold more than 24 million copies in Japan since its publication in 1966.
  • “Saka no ue no kumo” (坂の上の雲, literally, clouds above the slope) is another famous novel by Shiba Ryotaro set in the Meiji period.
  • Mentaiko: spicy cod roe. Fukuoka, where Otsuki worked, is famous for mentaiko.
  • “Katsu” is the short form of “Katsudo” (活動: activity) and in Japan they have all kinds of “katsudo” (actively doing something). Only a few of these “~katsu” were mentioned in this ep, and I decided to keep them in romaji (with explanations in English).
    • Shu-katsu (就活): job hunting. Most university students in Japan start to job hunt up to two years before graduating. It’s known to be really stressful. Rental-san’s sis was a victim… (ref: ep3).
    • Kon-katsu (婚活): marriage hunting, singles actively looking for a spouse. If you are also watching Peanut Butter Sandwich, that show focuses on the “kon-katsu” ladies. They are actively looking for a partner to marry, so they join mixers (gokon) and dating apps etc.
    • Nin-katsu (妊活): trying to conceive. For e.g, learning about conception, tracking basal body temperature, seeking medical treatment, etc.
    • Asa-katsu (朝活): activities that people do in the morning before going to work, for example going for a run, doing yoga, doing volunteer activities, attending talks or taking lessons, etc. In ep2 when Kanbayashi goes to the gym in the morning before going to work.
    • Shu-katsu (終活): end-of-life planning. For e.g, decluttering, making a will etc.

Rent A Person Who Does Nothing

Masuda Takahisa, Higa Manami, Hayama Shono, Furutachi Kanji, etc.

Episode 7 (Eng Sub)
Guest: Nishioka Tokuma
32min 50s
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