Ato 3-kai, Kimi ni Aeru (SP)

Thank you for waiting! I hope you enjoy this drama SP as much as I did! <3 The webdl raw had a one-minute preview at the beginning, and a 90-second recap/preview in the middle. For the hardsub, I’ve removed the preview at the beginning. The 90s remains in the file so please skip if desired. […]



I’ve decided to pick up “Ato 3-kai, Kimi ni Aeru” (literally, “I can only see you 3 more times”), a drama SP that stars Yamamoto Mizuki, Maeda Gordon and Kudo Asuka. Script by Oshima Satomi (Nagi no Oitoma, Sayonara made no 30-pun, Kimi to 100-kai me no koi) and directed by Hagiwara Kentaro (Sayonara made […]

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