I’ve decided to pick up “Ato 3-kai, Kimi ni Aeru” (literally, “I can only see you 3 more times”), a drama SP that stars Yamamoto Mizuki. Script by Oshima Satomi (Nagi no Oitoma, Sayonara made no 30-pun, Kimi to 100-kai me no koi) and directed by Hagiwara Kentaro (Sayonara made no 30-pun). I watched it this morning and it got me thinking quite a bit. It’s been a while since I wanted to sub something right after watching it~☺

Synopsis (from

Tamaki Kaede (Yamamoto Mizuki) is a video director at a small video production company. She has been working furiously on projects and by the time she realises it, she is almost 30. During her spare time, Kaede tries to meet some men (Mizuma Ron, Mashima Hidekazu) through a matchmaking app. But there is practically no one who suits her personality of taking things at her own pace. One day, Kaede has to do comprehensive coverage of Sawamura Koji (Kudo Asuka), the cool and handsome chef of a well-known food truck, whom everyone is talking about. She meets a much younger Seishiro (Maeda Gordon) who is working part-time as Sawamura’s assistant on a short-term basis. Kaede grabs Seishiro’s hand by chance and that leads to a change in her life…

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  1. Imuthis

    Hello sir/ma’am,
    I hope you can get an episode of ピーナッツバターサンドウィッチ / PBS-drama.
    Btw, stay safe from COVID19/Corona Virus.

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  2. Pijush

    I don’t know where to comment it but did you drop Fujoshi Ukkari gay ni kokoro? Or is it still on your list

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