Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de ep.07

The penultimate ep! Just a couple of notes here.
– 1 LDK is a one room apartment with a living, dining and kitchen area.
– Monaka is a traditional Japanese sweet consisting of a sweet filling (e.g. azuki bean jam, chestnut paste, ice-cream etc.) sandwiched between two crispy wafers.

Boku Dake ga 17-sai no Sekai de

Sano Hayato, Iitoyo Marie, Yuki Kousei, Otomo Karen

Episode 7 (Eng Sub)
33min 47s
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  1. Imuthis

    Hello sir/ma’am,
    I hope you can get an episode of ピーナッツバターサンドウィッチ / PBS-drama.
    Btw, stay safe from COVID19/Corona Virus.

  2. Sakura

    Can you plssss do the J drama Suna No Utsawa 2019? There are 2 versions which one was in 2004 but can you pls sub the 2019 one that shows Kento Nakajima?

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