We will be subbing the upcoming drama series “Tokyo Seimenjo” starring Yoshino Hokuto. Chiaki will be translating this one, and I will handle the rest. *Please note that this is a low priority project.


“Tokyo Seimenjo” is a seemingly peaceful udon chain store. Grounded on the motto of “fast, cheap and delicious”, the store has many regular customers, but the manager has been away on maternity leave for two months. Following the departure of reliable staff members, the remaining staff members are in a tight spot. The leader of the part-timers Aoi (Yanagi Shuntaro) is informed via a phone call that they will have a new manager. The staff members eagerly anticipates the arrival of their new manager. However the one who arrives is Akamatsu (Yoshino Hokuto) whose former job as a hotel clerk is totally irrelevant to his new place of work. “I have learned the basics of this job”, Akamatsu brags. But he receives customers in an overly-polite manner like he did at the hotel, which irritates Aoi. Moreover, the other staff members Kimoto (Egami Keiko), Midorikawa (Okuno So) and Momota (Akita Shiori) are assigned new duties to clean up the mess created by the new manager. Even so, Akamatsu doesn’t lose his original style and proposes new dishes, demonstrating his innate bluntness. He also puts up posters drawn by himself… Aoi and the others are constantly at his beck and call. What will happen to “Tokyo Seimenjo”? Will peace ever come to this store?



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