Hakozume ep.05

Hakozume is back after two weeks of specials! Please enjoy ep 5! Some t/notes before we go:

  • Tsundere refers to a character who’s outwardly cold and hesitant in showing kindness or affection towards the one they love. They often carry a tough facade to hide their true emotions.
  • Ago-kui, like kabe-don, is an action commonly seen in romantic situations in anime, manga or drama series, when the hero touches the heroine’s chin, gently lifts it up and tilts her head upwards (usually before kissing). I’ve translated it as “chin-up”.
  • Antonio Inoki is a retired professional wrestler, one of the key figures in the history of Japanese wrestling. One of his catchphrases is “Genki desu ka” (Are you doing well?).


Hakozume ~Tatakau! Koban Joshi~

Toda Erika, Nagano Mei, Muro Tsuyoshi, Miura Shohei, Yamada Yuki, Nishino Nanase

Episode 5 (Eng Sub)
51min 49s
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  1. goodally

    Thank you for subbing this series! It has been a pretty easy and entertaining watch so far. I’m liking the dynamics between the officers, especially how supportive they are of Kawai’s crush in this episode (although it doesn’t go as cute or far as i thought it would). ^^

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