We are picking up a third series this season — “Guilty: Kono Koi wa Tsumi Desuka?” starring Shinkawa Yua, Machida Keita, Koike Teppei, Nakamura Yurika, Kamio Fuju. This drama is adapted from the manga “Guilty: Nakanu Hotaru ga Mi wo Kogasu” by Okaue Ai. TiduAura is our guest translator for this series!

Synopsis (by

Ogino Sayaka (Shinkawa Yua) has a rewarding job as the editor of a female fashion magazine and is married to a kind husband Kazuma (Koike Teppei) whom she met through work. They have the ideal married life that is the envy of everyone. However, Kazuma wants them to continue to be like lovers and does not wish to have children. Sayaka is slightly unhappy about this but cannot bring herself to mention it. Her seemingly perfect life is shattered one day by Kazuma’s betrayal. The person who gives her emotional support is Akiyama Keiichi (Machida Keita), her ex-boyfriend from high school days whom she happened to meet again. Even though she knows that she cannot like Keiichi, her heart tingles with the feelings that she has kept deep inside. As Sayaka wavers between her love for her husband and her first love, a shocking unbelievable truth is revealed.


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    1. Hi Kuro, are you a translator? I don’t ‘recruit staff’, but some friends approached me saying they’re keen to translate certain dramas, that’s why you see a few projects here with ‘guest translators’. Actually my hands are kinda full atm as I’m the only one handling all the other aspects of subbing for these projects, in addition to my own translation projects, but we can try to work something out. Please dm me on twitter or email me, thanks.

  1. Any plans on translating WataOji? I thought it was a cool concept, but I haven’t seen any teams interested as far as I know. Or sticking to current dramas?

    1. I’ll check it out but i have no plans to pick any new project until at least one of the current ones are done 🙂

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