13 (Thirteen) ep.02

T/note: “Enjo kousai” (援助交際) or “compensated dating” is a kind of transactional relationship, used to describe young women going on dates with older men in exchange for money or gifts.

13 (Thirteen)

Sakuraba Nanami, Itaya Yuka, Aoyagi Sho, Yui Ryoko, Ishikawa Ruka, Inoue Yuki, etc.

Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
44min 07s
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3 thoughts on “13 (Thirteen) ep.02

  1. I was looking everywhere on where I can find an episode with subs for this series and here I found it. I love how the story goes so far. Looking forward to the next episode. Thank you and keep safe.

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