Month: February 2022

Character (2021)

Thank you for being patient with us. We hope you enjoy this movie! Warning: Graphic violence Character (Eng Sub) Suda Masaki, Fukase, Oguri Shun, Takahata Mitsuki, Nakamura Shido Runtime: 2hr 05mins 57s Translation & QC by Je, Edit & Timing by Mich Download Hardsub (1.47GB, 1280*690) Download Softsub (Patrons Only)

Patissier-san to Ojou-san ep.01

Please enjoy the first ep ??? Note: “oimo” (with the honorific “o” prefix) is a polite or respectful way of saying “imo” (potato).  Patissier-san to Ojou-san Sakiyama Tsubasa, Okamoto Natsumi, Murai Ryota Credit to Fixzy@JPTVclub for the raw Episode 1 (Eng Sub) 28min 36s Download Hardsub (269MB, 1280*720) Download Softsub (Patrons only)


I’ve decided to pick up this cute and sweet little drama called “Patissier-san to Ojou-san” (Patissier et Mademoiselle) starring Sakiyama Tsubasa. There are 4 episodes in all. Synopsis: Based on the manga of the same name by Gindoro. Okuno Jouji (Sakiyama Tsubasa), who works as a patissier in a small cake shop, is interested in …