I’ll be subbing “Watashi, Teiji de Kaerimasu” (I Will Not Work Overtime, Period!), a Spring 2019 drama starring Yoshitaka Yuriko. This is one of my favourite dramas this season, and since no one has picked it up yet, I’ve decided to work on it. I can’t promise fast subs but I’ll try my best. Releases will be in 720p hardsubs. Yoroshiku ne 🙂

Synopsis (from TBS):

A serial drama based on Kaeruko Akeno’s novel, “I Will Not Work Overtime, Period!”. While Yui Higashiyama (Yuriko Yoshitaka), whose policy is to not work overtime, struggles between unique seniors and colleagues at work, she often causes small miracles to happen. Yui works as a director at a web design company, and has never worked overtime since she joined the company due to a past traumatic experience. She focuses on working efficiently and productively, and leaves her office on time every day. Enjoying a few beers at her favorite Chinese restaurant after work has become her daily routine. However, her peaceful life is disrupted when Fukunaga (Yusuke Santamaria), her new boss who has a habit of saying inappropriate things albeit without any malicious intent comes into her life. Yui must now deal with some of the most bothersome colleagues, including her former fiancé, the workaholic Kotaro (Osamu Mukai), the inefficient Gosai (Tokio Emoto), the freshman Kurusu (Yuki Izumisawa) who always wants to resign, the colleague with perfect attendance, Mitani (Kavka Shishido), and the colleague who just returned from maternity leave, Shizugatake (Yuki Uchida)…


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    thank you for picking this up!! saw the synopsis awhile back and wanted to watch it but was crushed when I realised it wasn’t subbed

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