I’m picking up the 8-episode winter 2018 drama “Kazoku no Tabiji: Kazoku wo Korosareta Otoko to Koroshita Otoko” (Five Days to Execution) starring Takizawa Hideaki. It’s based on the novel “Chichi to Ko no Tabiji” by Kosugi Kenji. I actually started working on this back in 2018 and have finished timing the first ep and translating the first 5 minutes, but due to personal life -relocation etc. followed by the creation of this subbing account & subbing loads lol- this project was placed on hold. This is probably the only Takki drama left that hasn’t been subbed. I feel it’s the right time for me to work on it again! Yoroshiku ne XD


Asari Yusuke (Takizawa Hideaki) was only an infant when his parents and grandfather were brutally murdered by a man named Yanase Kouzo (Endo Kenichi) 30 years ago. He was left at the gruesome murder scene. Yusuke, spurred by this case, grew up to become a lawyer. Meanwhile, Yanase claimed he was innocent during the trial but had his appeal for retrial dismissed three times. He is now serving time as a prisoner on death row. One day, a women (Tanimura Mitsuki) comes to the law firm and requests Yusuke to meet Yanase. She wants him to be Yanase’s lawyer and exonerate him…


  1. Indri Devia

    whoaaa im waiting for this dorama to be subbed ..thanks for make it true …good luck and looking forward for the sub 🙂

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