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[28 June 2021] UPDATE: Seems like Viki has picked up this series for subtitling, so… after much thought, I’ve decided to drop the project. Thank you for watching episodes 1-5 with me.

I’ve decided to sub “Black Cinderella” for Spring 2021. This 8-episode drama starts on 22 April. Screenplay by Yoshida Erika (Cherry Magic, Heroine Shikkaku, Hana Nochi Hare) and directed by Kawamura Taisuke (Nodame Cantabile, L-DK, Kuragehime).


Kamiya Manaha (Riko) is a high school girl with little confidence in herself. Her dream since she was a child was to enter the Miss Seiran Contest, a beauty pageant that decides who is the most beautiful girl in school. Manaha calls herself a super ordinary girl but one day she gets a chance to enter the pageant. She then meets Tachibana Keigo (Kamio Fuju), a narcissistic, perfect, national treasure-level handsome guy, and Shimamura Sora (Itagaki Mizuki), a mysterious transfer student. On the day of the contest, Manaha is just a step away from her dream stage when…


    1. Riva

      Could you pls sub the drama Momoiro Anzuiro Sakuriro starting from ep 3?? It’s not been subbed completely so I’m really requesting! I would appreciate it soo much as I wanted to finish watching it long time!

  1. Riva C.

    Could you pls sub Momoiro Anzuiro Sakuriro from ep 3 and up?? It’s still unfinished and I have been wanting to watch it soo long!! I would appreciate it soo much!

  2. R

    thank you for the update!

    I’ve checked viki and they haven’t uploaded any episodes and there’s no date as to when they will. Can you please sub the rest?

    1. Kyolein

      Same here, please do the rest, I´m so excited about this show and it´s nowhere else to find as sub TT___TT

  3. Momonofu

    I can understand you dropped this but it’s still sad, and it would have been so nice if you could have continued. Thank you for all your subbing!

    And now for something completely different… Apologies for writing here, I just didn’t find another way to contact you. Say, could you consider picking up ‘Umi ni Furu’? A fascinating 6 episode drama released 2015 starring Arimura Kasumi, Inoue Yoshio, Itaya Yuka, Takenaka Naoto, Endo Kenichi… about a deep see mystery. It has been abandoned by another subber after 4 episodes, and it would be awesome if you could sub the final 2 eps. Apologies again.

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    raws –

  4. burg

    may you please tell me if would consider subbing the 2 bonus episodes at the end? pretty please as your subbing was so GOOD! thank you either way 🙂 🙂

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