Announcement [Dropped]

[15 Sep 2021] UPDATE: I just found out Viki will be subtitling this one too, so I’m dropping it…

I’m picking up “Douse Mou Nigerarenai” starring Shirasu Jin and Yokota Mayu. No. of episodes isn’t known, but probably 9. Other cast include Asaka Kodai, Kusakawa Takuya, Ishida Nicole, Honda Miyu, Kobayashi Ryoko, Shiraishi Shunya and Ichinose Ryu. The first episode starts next week so I’ll probably work on this after completing Hakozume. And ermmm… I might still pick up that other drama that starts in Oct. Waiting for more announcements first… In the meantime, ganbarimasu! Yoroshiku ne!


Nodakura Naho has been longing for an ordinary life as an OL (Office Lady), but she couldn’t seem to get a job offer. In order to make ends meet for the time being, she decides to interview for a part-time job at a design company called Solo Design Office. On her way there, Naho encounters a man and a woman having a lover’s quarrel. In order to shake off the woman, the man grabs Naho, who just happens to be there, and says she’s his new girlfriend. Naho gets angry and instinctively pushes him away. When she later arrives at Solo Design Office for her interview, she realizes that the man she had met earlier is in fact the company’s president Sakisaka Takumi. Despite all that happened, Naho somehow gets hired and starts working as a part-timer at the company…



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