This was the other drama I’ve been wanting to pick up. Two of my boys are in this. Hard to resist lol. Now that most of the main cast have been announced, and we’ve gotten a start date and some teasers, I think I should just go ahead and pick this up.

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Hyoga Mamoru (Eguchi Noriko), the CEO of an e-book start-up called Three Star Books, lives only for work. Born into a wealthy family, she has never experienced financial difficulties. Mamoru believes that money can solve anything and works hard every day to make more profit. While she is recognised for her entrepreneurship, she has built an emotional wall due to her loneliness and sadness over the deaths of her parents when she was a child. She has been starved of love despite having all the money. The only person she trusts is Ichinose Ryo whom she met during her university days. They started Three Star Books and still work together. The start-up is her life but she starts to face a series of crises that rock the company’s management as she works on growing the business. Mamoru has a shocking encounter with Haruno Yu (Akaso Eiji), a vocational school student who applied to be an intern at Three Star Books in a bid to change his life. He has a loving family, that includes his parents (Miho Jun) and a younger sister Mako (Kayashima Mizuki), but their financial situation has not been good for many years. Like the warmth of spring, Yu’s smile and friendliness begins to thaw Mamoru’s heart which is frozen like ice because she has been so swamped with work.

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