Hi guys, just thought I’d announce this mini drama that I’m intending to sub, called Dried Flower: Our Room in July. There are 3 episodes and stars Bando Ryota and Kita Kana. It is based on the songs “Kakurenbo” and “Dry Flower” by singer-songwriter Yuuri.


One day in July, Kaoru (Bando Ryuta) and Yurika (Kita Kana), who have been dating since their university days, move into an apartment. As if to celebrate the beginning of their life together, fireworks go off at a distance…

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2 thoughts on “Announcement

  1. Hello. Thank you for this future project which looks great !

    I don’t know if we can propose you some projects, but I would have liked to propose you the project Oshare no Kotae ga Wakaranai (it has only 4 episodes of 12 minutes), it has never been translated. You can find the raws here :

    Thanks a lot for your work and the quality of your translations !

    Have a good day

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