I’m planning to sub the WOWOW original drama series “Hiru” starring Akaso Eiji (Season 1) and Sakaguchi Kentaro (Season 2), if raws are available. The story is based on the manga “Hiru” and “Hiru 2” by Imai Daisuke. Supporting cast include Yoshikawa Ai, Iitoyo Marie, Yanagi Shuntaro, Itagaki Mizuki and Sakuma Yui. The series will start in March so I’m gonna use Jan and Feb to try and finish up my current projects i.e. Gyoretsu no Megami, Saiai no Hito and Dried Flower. As for the collaboration project Character, rest assured I will work on it once Je finishes translating. Ganbarimasu! (ง •̀ω•́)ง✧

[Update 22 Jan 2022]
The official poster and a 2-min trailer is out. We’ve also gotten a start date: 4 Mar 2022.

Synopsis (from

21-year-old Shinomiya Yuki (Akaso Eiji) has no friends and spends his days alone working part-time jobs. One day, when he returns home as usual after a night shift, a male stranger (Yanagi Shuntaro) who has been stabbed in the abdomen with a knife is sitting in his room. The man wakes up at the hospital that he has been taken to and identifies himself as Shinomiya Yuki to detectives. Then he points to Yuki and states that he stabbed him. Yuki flees the hospital right away and becomes a fugitive in an instant. At that moment, a mysterious woman called Zoka (Yoshikawa Ai) appears right before Yuki and asks him to help her take revenge on her father’s killer. He decides to collaborate with her. Zoka is a “leech” who goes from one house to another while its occupants are away. The two of them eventually encounter Kara (Sakaguchi Kentaro), a legendary leech who lives like an empty shell solely for the purpose of revenge.

30s preview:

120s preview:


  1. Carissa

    Praying that raws will be available for you! I’m becoming a HUGE Itagaki Mizuki fan so it’s awesome knowing you’re subbing this one!

  2. Poya

    Hi! Thank you for picking this up, I loved the manga so much. Any news as to whether or not the raws have been made available as of right now?

  3. katiatempest

    In 2020 I found your blog, watched 3 or 4 of your works, loved everything and then lost your website!
    Today, determined to find you, I did a long search and here I am again to say that in November 2021 I saw an image of the Hiru series and I happened to see a trailer for the series on your blog!! I want to watch!!

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