Announcement [DROPPED]

[30 Jun 2022] UPDATE: Just found out Gagaoolala is subtitling this, so I’m dropping it.

I’m picking up the Summer 2022 BL drama “Minato Shoji Coin Laundry” (Wash my heart!) starring Kusakawa Takuya and Nishigaki Sho. This is our dear Rokkaku’s first solo lead in a drama series ^ ^ Starts airing in July. Hopefully I’ll have instant ramen completed by then~ Yoroshiku ne!


Minato Akira (Kusakawa Takuya), a man who’s around 30 years old, runs a small coin-operated laundromat which he took over from his grandfather. High school student Katsuki Shintaro (Nishigaki Sho) comes to Akira’s laundromat as a customer. They quickly become friends despite their age gap, but one day Shintaro learns that Akira is gay… Adapted from the BL manga “Minato Shoji Coin Laundray” written by Tsubaki Yuzu and illustrated by Kantsume Sawa.

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15 thoughts on “Announcement [DROPPED]

  1. Thank you for picking this series up! I haven’t seen it on any waiting list for official streaming platform.

  2. Ooooo thank you so much! I’m loving how BL dramas in Japan are becoming more and more mainstream and i’m looking forward to seeing this one next month. Is there a way I can follow you for notifications of when a new sub video drops?

    1. Hi~ most ppl follow me on Twitter for updates. Some follow me on WordPress. I also send an email notif to my patreons whenever I release a new ep~

  3. This is such great news~~ I am looking forward to this tv drama. omggggg I can’t express how happy I am now, but thank you soooo much!!

  4. I really hate Gagaoolala for a lot of reason XD first when they said something is free on their site /APP it isn’t , and the service is really bad , I paid for and I weasting my money .

    Anyway , always thanks for you hard work and honestly I understand your desition m(_ _)m

  5. so sorry I will not be able to get your take on our CM boy’s starring role. I understand why, but will miss you

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