I’m planning to sub the upcoming drama “Yume de mita ano ko no tame ni” starring Itagaki Mizuki. He will be taking on a dual role. Other cast include Sakurai Hinako, Nomura Shuhei and Totsugi Shigeyuki. There will be 10 eps and it’s based on the manga of the same name by Sanbe Kei (loved his “Boku dake ga inai machi” so I’m really looking forward to this). Yoroshiku ne!


13 years ago, Nakajou Senri (Itagaki Mizuki)’s parents were brutally murdered and his older twin brother Kazuto was taken away by a man with a ‘fire’ scar on his arm. Since then, Senri has lived only for revenge. He continues to search for the ‘fire’ man. Together with his childhood friend Enan (Sakurai Hinako) and detective Wakazono (Nomura Shuhei), he attempts to track down the truth behind the incident and exact his revenge.


  1. Izaya Kun

    yayy thank you for picking this up! I am so excited since I am caught up with the translated manga but the updates are slow so I am curious about how this is going to end!

  2. Lauri

    You are a savior !! This is my favorite manga I was in tears when they announced the live action I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE IT THANK YOU SO MUCH

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