I’ll be subbing “Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imouto” starring Kuriyama Chiaki.

The main cast is *chef’s kiss*. I also like the cast for their younger versions. There are 3 more eps of “Yume de mita…” to go so I’ll continue to focus on that and work on this when I have time. I’m heading to Japan for another trip in a couple of weeks. If the other drama I’m eyeing hasn’t been picked up by the time I’m back from the trip, I may pick it up too lol.


Togo Jun (Kuriyama Chiaki) and her younger sister Mishima Ran (Baba Fumika) meet again for the first time in 13 years at the funeral of their mother Togo Yuriko (Hinagata Akiko). When Jun was a child, the free-spirited Ran kept taking things from her, from her favourite toys to her clothes and accessories, and even her boyfriend. Ran now shows up at their mother’s funeral with her husband Mishima Ritsu (Yanagi Shuntaro), the man who used to be Jun’s boyfriend… Jun decides to live in the house that their mother left behind but on the day she moves in, Ran shows up and says that she and Ritsu will live in that house as well…


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