Update on Crosstail subbing project

Just a quick one.

  1. I’ve amended the title translation from “crosstail” to “closetail”. Ep1 subs have been updated as well.
  2. The guest translator Ran has dropped out of this project due to work commitments so I will take over and translate from ep2 onwards. 
  3. Unfortunately my back injury relapsed yesterday so I will take things easy. Priority will continue to be on Ikemeshi (and Bakakiss when it starts). Closetail will continue to be low priority. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Sara

    thank you so much for deciding to continue translating it!! I was actually just wondering yesterday what happened to it, and take care of yourself I hope your back gets better!

  2. sscrla

    I almost posted about the title after episode 1. The instructor was talking about observing from afar and contrasted that to observing from a close distance, i,e., a “close tail.” I am glad that you are taking over and hope that you feel better soon.

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