Announcement [DROPPED] & updates

Update: I’ll be dropping this project as it will be available on Netflix on 10 Jan, which btw is the day the official bluray&dvd goes on sale!

First, an announcement: I’ll be subbing the Kingdom 3 movie. Shin was staring me in the face yesterday so I couldn’t resist lol. It will take me a while to get this out though as I will probably only be getting my bluray in Feb and I would like to take my time in translating.

Next, status updates of my current projects:

  • Kemutai – 4 eps remaining. Finished working on ep5 last night and will release it shortly. Editing stage for ep6 now and hope to be able to QC and release it by tomorrow night. Aiming to get this series completed by Christmas.
  • Genya – 4 eps remaining. Currently at editing stage for ep5, translation done for ep6, finished timing ep7. But I’ve decided to continue working on this series only after completing Kemutai. So all depends on how fast I can progress with Kemutai. I’m also not sure how much I can do before the new season starts, cos yes I intend to pick up a winter project lol.
  • Hoshizora – Not much progress.
  • NagaiShashin – Not much progress.


  1. Dave

    Noo! My wife and I loved your previous 2 subs of the Kingdom movies. Especially for the Japanese names of characters! But Thank you for updating us <3

    1. Post

      Not to worry. I checked and the first two movies (and the third movie’s preview) on NF are using the same naming format as me (Japanese names for everything except state names). If they use Chinese names, I would un-drop this project haha!

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