I’m planning to sub Shanai Marriage Honey starring Itagaki Mizuki and Matsui Airi. This series will air at the exact same time/day as Cherry M, so I’ll only work on it after releasing Cherry M each week. However, a heads up: I’ll be really busy IRL next month as I’ll be moving home. My flight is in mid-Dec and considering the long flight and subsequent jetlag etc., releases that week will likely be delayed. All low priority projects (Tabiji, Two Weeks, Fujoshi, Gyoretsu) will also be put on hold in December; subbing will resume when I’m more or less settled back home.


23-year-old Haruta Ami (Matsui Airi) calls off her engagement with her fiance after learning that he cheated on her. In desperation, she joins a dating app and comes across a post by 26-year-old Miura Manatsu (Itagaki Mizuki) – “I’m looking for a woman who’s willing to marry me instantly”. The two decide to get married on the spot, without knowing each other’s faces, personalities and backgrounds. However, very soon after they start their married life together, they find out that they both work for the same company. Unable to confess their marriage to those around them, their relationship turns into a secret in-house romance.



  1. Kurocchii

    Oh gosh, I’m so excited!!! Got to know Itagaki Mizuki because of Sixteen Syndrome, and I just really adore him!! I wasn’t expecting you to pick this up, but it is very appreciated!! Also, stay safe and I’m rooting for you so that everything goes well with your new home. 🙂

  2. Iris

    Oh, that will be interesting. Thanks for subbing.

    And have a good “moving week” (probably all in all more likely than just the actual day of travel)!

  3. Myra

    It’s fine, we’ll be waiting until you’re settle in your new house 🙂 That’s great news for you, I hope everything goes well.

  4. Nass

    An interesting description!! can’t wait! btw what about Marry Me? did you stop subbing it..? can’t find the older episodes..!
    Anyway thanks a lot!

  5. Germenn

    Thank you for the subs! Good luck with the move and wish you a happy time settling back in at home. It’s a lovely time to be back with the holidays and all. Stay safe!

  6. Roi Soleil

    Aha an Itagaki Mizuki fan after Sixteen Shoukougun lol. That’s great I thought he and Rena Takeda shone in that (wasn’t as impressed with FL). Looking forward to this one. Safe travels and enjoy being home before worrying about us 😉 But please do keep on subbing after that! Your work is fantastic and much appreciated.

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