I will be subbing the upcoming drama series “Sweet Moratorium” starring Suzuka Ouji. I guess this comes as no surprise? The moment I read that Ouji-kun is leading a drama, it was an auto-pick for me lol. Since the poster is released today, I’ve decided to go ahead with the announcement. The first episode broadcasts later this month. I will be on vacation then and though I’ll still be subbing as and when I have free time during the trip, do expect some delay. Ganbarimasu~


Kashiwagi Kokoro (Suzuka Ouji) is a university student who has just started dating Kamijo Sayo (Tanabe Momoko). One day, as if to ruin his happy life, his ex-girlfriend Omori Ringo (Konishi Sakurako) barges in and starts living in his house. Perhaps due to unresolved feelings from being dumped by her in the past, Kokoro does not chase Ringo away and lets her stay at his place without letting Sayo know. This leads to a love triangle between the three when Sayo starts noticing the presence of Ringo…


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