Announcement [DROPPED]

Update: After much deliberation, I have decided to drop this project… Netflix has acquired it from NTV and will be distributing it globally on their platform soon.

I’ll be subbing the upcoming summer drama series “Kocchi Muite yo, Mukai-kun” starring Akaso Eiji. This is Akasoshi’s first solo lead role in a prime time drama and his co-stars include Ikuta Erika, Okayama Amane, Fujiwara Sakura and Haru! This drama is based on the manga by Nemu Yoko. 

Synopsis (from

33-year-old Mukai Satoru (Akaso Eiji) is a capable employee of a t-shirt manufacturer in Tokyo. Despite his good looks and personality which naturally draws people to him, he has not had a girlfriend or been in a romantic relationship in 10 years. Satoru suddenly becomes conscious of his single status when his friend becomes a father and his younger sister (Fujiwara Sakura) gets married. Thinking that he has more leeway in his work now, he should be able to have a new romance if he wants to. Even though he is friendly with many women, Satoru’s all-out attempt to find love for the first time in a long while fails miserably. Could his thinking and the thinking of the women he knows be out of sync? Could his methods be wrong? His determination to find love, leads him on a quest to figure out his mistakes.

I think I have subbed all of Akaso Eiji’s lead drama series so far; they can be found here on this site. The first was Nee Sensei (double lead with Baba Fumika) which I did with Chiaki, then Cherry Magic (first solo lead but it was a late night drama), and the most recent one is Hiru (solo lead but it was on a subscription channel). I’ll do my best with Mukai-kun! (ง’̀-‘́)ง


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