Announcement [DROPPED]

[18 Jun 2024] UPDATE: This project has been dropped as I found out Viki will be subtitling this series and releasing it soon. Please watch it over at Viki when it’s available.

Since the poster and preview are out today, I’ve decided to go ahead and announce this.

I’m intending to sub the drama “Business Kon – Suki ni Nattara Rikon Shimasu” starring Sugai Yuka and Kusakawa Takuya. A heads up though, I have 2 trips coming up within the next 2 months, and both are over 2 weeks long. Subbing will be put on a backburner while I’m traveling but yoroshiku ne!


Sayama Miyabi (Sagai Yuka) is a talented salesperson working at Celeste Real Estate Residential. After being dumped by her boyfriend on their 6th year anniversary, she decides to live her life for work rather than for love.

She meets Donose Tsukasa (Kusakawa Takuya), a high-spec company president who for some reason is looking for a marriage without romantic feelings. He sees how Miyabi prioritizes her work and makes a business marriage proposal to her. Although puzzled by the sudden proposal, their interests are aligned and they immediately decide to move in together.

This business marriage has only one condition: they will have to divorce as soon as they develop romantic feelings for each other!



  1. nitta

    thanks for subbing! I’m wondering where you find tonari no nurse aid because i can’t find past ep 7 unsubbed even? and i’d like to finish it! thanks!

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  2. xMoonBlossom

    enjoy your trips! i am looking forward to your subs. marriage of convenience never gets old for me. 😀

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