I’ll be collaborating with Oshiroen to sub “Ano hana ga saku oka de, kimi to mata deaetara” starring Fukuhara Haruka and Mizukami Koshi. I watched this movie during my Hakata trip earlier this year and… I’ve never cried this much in a theatre LOL. Anyway, we will do our best!

Synopsis (from AsianWiki):

Yuri (Haruka Fukuhara) is a high school student in the present day. She isn’t happy with her life at home or school. One day, she has an argument with her mother and runs away from home. Somehow, when Yuri later opens her eyes, she realizes that she is in the year 1945. She happens to meet Akira (Koshi Mizukami). He is a pilot for a kamikaze unit in the military.


  1. Lara

    Woahh, I’m very happy to read about this announcement, for I’ve been very curious about this movie since the very beginning. Thanks!

  2. Hal

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR PICKING THIS UP!! I read the manga and sobbed so hard!! I can’t wait for this!! Thank you thank youuuuu!!!!

  3. sasa

    Hi thank u so much for subbing this.. if i may ask, do you have a plan to sub dont call it mystery movie??? Sorry for bothering you.. thank u so much

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