Coffee & Vanilla ep.06

Here’s episode 6!

Please understand that subbing is something I do whenever I can spare time. I’m not a machine so please don’t expect fast or 100% accurate subs from me, but I will try my best! Thanks once again to all the lovely people who gave me words of encouragement and support when I needed them <3

Coffee & Vanilla

Fukuhara Haruka, Sakurada Dori, Kuroba Mario, Ogoe Yuki, Hama Shogo, Kita Noa
Episode 6 (Eng Sub)
24min 09s
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24 thoughts on “Coffee & Vanilla ep.06

  1. Thank you very much for your work. Believe me, we appreciate it very much. Waiting for new projects. Good luck!

    1. I come to your page daily to check for the new episode! Thanks for subbing!! I will wait for the next episode!

  2. Thanqqqqqq….don’t gt pressurized nd hurt…v welcome ur hardwrk fr subbing nd i shall w8 fr ur next sub… unni fightinggggggg!!!☺️☺️

  3. i’m sorry for the vocabulary but her friend is a whore pretending to be a friend. in what world a real friend would put her friend in such a situation and even dare to ask her to lend her own boyfriend??? as if he was some kinda sexual object or something??? it’s disgusting geez and the fact he was cool with this is so wrong

    1. Uhm ets not throw that word around. If we wanna talk about “wrong” let’s talk about the fact that a 30 y.o. is dating a 20 y.o. who’s still in college.

  4. You are so awesome for subbing this for us!!!! It is hard to find nicely subbed jdramas so waiting a while for them is totally worth it!!!! THANK YOU SWEET SUBBING ANGEL!

  5. Thanks for subbing this episode. This is my first jdrama and enjoying it. Is there another one you could recommend that’s similar

  6. I think that you do a great job subbing, and I certainly appreciate your hard work. I hope that the website owners who use your work are paying you. If not, please post a donation request so that you are rewarded for your efforts.

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