Follow Saretara Owari ep.08

8 down, 8 more to go! Merry Christmas! 🎄

Follow Saretara Owari

Okada Kenshi, Ogawa Sara, Nakao Masaki…

Episode 8 (Eng Sub)
15min 02s
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3 thoughts on “Follow Saretara Owari ep.08

  1. Wow. The deeper we get, the more Sotaro has to realize he doesn’t know his friends at all really. Other than Yuma, they seem to be varying degrees of horrid. They feel no guilt even now about how they wrecked that woman’s life and laughed at her pain. Excellent show though. I wish more writers would look at such shows like this and see what you can even with a little bit of time. There are so many shows that don’t show half this character or plot development in three times the amount of time in an episode!

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