Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru ep.08 (Final)

Last episode! Thank you so much for being patient with us. I hope you will enjoy watching this series!

Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru.

Kaneko Daichi, Fujino Ryoko, Tanihara Shosuke, Ogoe Yuuki, Naito Shuichiro…
– Translation by Mae
– Timing, QC, etc. by Mich
– Raw provided by JPTVTs

Episode 8 (Final) (Eng Sub)
29min 00s
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28 thoughts on “Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru ep.08 (Final)

  1. i have been SEVERALY disappointed with this series. they gay MC was made to apologize for his bully and somehow the fujoshi was made to be the grand victim of this whole thing. it left a sour taste in my mouth.

    thank you so much for translating everything. i just can’t help but have strong negative feelings towards the drama itself.

    1. I was at a loss to the whole point of that scene. You make a good point, because i was lost like what is happening, and then them kissing just made no sense…to me anyways

      1. @Jp love of my life by Queen, the scene where he plays this and gives a beautiful take on it explains why he kissed her.

      2. Thank you very much for your hard work on this series. I really enjoyed and as a lesbian and fujoshi I could heavily relate to both sides, it was a great experience. Once again thank you and best wishes 🙂

    2. lol are you serious?

      your take on this was ridiculously childish. I bet you would have liked it better if he need up with his married ex or his best friend right?

      1)The drama is emotional and has a down air about it, so maybe your confused as to why you feel so negative.

      2) the fujoshi was not the “grand” victim of the whole thing but yes she was victim of his cowardice. I for one am glad that the show chose TO ACKNOWLEDGE THIS instead of ignoring it like almost every other BL out there. Just because he’s gay it does NOT give him the right to use someone’s feelings as a means to an end, and the discard it as he sees fit (breaking up with her after coming to terms with who he is). She has feelings too, she might not be his male lover but she’s a human none the less who’s feelings re valid and the writers did good by showing this.

      3)the reason why this bothers you so much is because your use to the “boy is gay bis is scared boy gets girlfriend to hide boy then discovers self boy breaks up with girl boy finds true love” plot line, you should work on changing that.

      anyways end of rant apart from the fujoshi’s side I really think Jun’s path of self acceptance was truly well done for the most part.

      1. I completely agree with your comment, in all seriousness it is disgustingly being normalized and excused to use a girl like that and it just puts even more negative stigma towards not only mlm but also the whole lgbtq+ community as well.

        However, I am disappointed in this series after ep 5-8. When he was outted, instead of focusing on accepting his sexuality and recovering both him and the girls friendship it was somewhat romanticized. No he is GAY, it doesn’t only mean he wants to sleep with men- it also means he can only be romantically attracted to men. Being gay is not just sexual- it’s also romantic .As someone who’s gay
        It pissed me off because I’ve struggled with my sexuality my whole life, I attempted to like girls and I even dated girls who where my friends because I genuinely liked them. I made out with them and I cried when I broke up with my last gf (who is now my best friend) because I did like her a lot and I didn’t want to accept it but it wasn’t the fact that I couldn’t imagine sleeping with them that made me realize/accept my sexuality- no it was the fact I could not LOVE them. I didn’t feel anything at all, no heart beat or adrenaline just nothing- platonic- it was missing love. Idk if people know this but many gay men have slept with women just like gay women can also sleep with men, just like straight men can sleep with men and straight women can sleep with women. Like I said being gay is not just sexual, it’s also about romantic attraction.

        The part that saddened me the most is that the girl had hope even in this episode even after the fact he already came out, and there is a difference between still liking him and still having hope. Not even the boy accepted he was gay, he said he couldn’t be “cured” like dude he could’ve just said “no i am gay and I can’t be cured and don’t want to be”. Literally the only one who accepted he was gay was his best friend. I also disliked the whole Freddie reference as they literally just misrepresented him and his story, but I’m not gonna get into that.

        Honestly I would have loved if he’d (sincerely) apologized for using her and she (him) accepted he was gay and move on. But I’m not surprised it was romanticized though considering it was a fujoshi who wrote this, of course the it would turn out like this.

        1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I hate how the relationship between Andou and Miura ended becoming romanticized like this. It’s just too confusing for me, as a gay guy myself. He’s gay, it’s just not in him to have romantic feelings for women, much like how it’s not possible for straight guys to have romantic feelings for other guys. Sure, they can have sex with them, but that doesn’t mean they love them. I was really expecting this drama to end with Andou apologizing for using Miura like that (Andou using Miura as a means to an end was despicable, I agree), and then learning to finally accept himself. And maybe Miura and Andou become good friends. Instead, they become romantic interests?????? How does that make any sense???? And the kissing just confused me even more lol I mean what even is Miura and Andou’s relationship amymore?? Are they friends or do they like each other in a way even more than friends?? This drama disappointed me on so many levels, especially considering I had really enjoyed the first few episodes. I just feel like overall, it sends a really confusing message for other LGBTQ+ individuals who are trying to find themselves as well. I think this drama was off to a great start with potential for a beautiful story about acceptance and love, but it ended up confusing me and probably countless other gay individuals. I can see how some straight ppl might be satisfied with this drama, but I think this rubs a lot of LGBTQ+ individuals the wrong way.

        2. I know this is an old reply, but just wanted to pop in and say that Naoto Asahara, the person who wrote the novel this show is based on, is actually a gay Japanese man himself…not a fujoshi. It’s quite unusual for this to be the case, so wanted to make sure people know that.

    3. have to admit that how the bully situation was dealt with left a lot to be desired but tbh she was a victim. Using someone to cover your sexuality because you know that they like you is a dick move especially when there was no real need to do so. He also justified his misuse of her feelings because shes a fujoshi which was another not so nice thing to do especially when just admitting that he was gay to her before she found out via him cheating would have probably ended relatively well for the both of them. Using someone to hide your sexuality by letting them get emotionally attached is manipulative and not cool especially if its in this type of situation where your not in danger. The handling of the friend turned bully back to sorta friend after pushing former friend to attempted suicide left a major bad taste in my mouth though they shoulda left that asshole out of it or had him sincerely apologize or something cause that was a shit show and there were sooo many better ways of handling that and they chose like the worst one lmao

  2. I really appreciate your hard work and your great taste when picking up projects. I hope you’re doing fine in your moving in!

  3. Mich, Thank you for excellent work, like you usually do for us ungrateful other fan. Sadly thank to the pandemic I can’t buy you coffee. but I see many of the other point and sure it not a happy series but more to the point it’s more about real life and how we did with it. That why this is my favorite after Cherry magic.
    I just love gray series, that are more about real life exception like how the hell we got out of the pandemic.
    I love her answer, GOD must be Fujoshi TOO >.< lol lol

  4. Thank you so much for completing this work. As I understand this was a project another started and then abandoned, so I wanted to sincerely thank you for completing it for all of us who have enjoyed this drama. I really enjoyed it and it is my hope that Andou-kun was able to grow into a person who can love himself just the way he is.

  5. This drama had me feeling all sorts of things. I was so invested and even shed some tears, which is rather rare for me. The struggles Jun experienced were so well portrayed by the actor! He did such a great job!

    Thank you so much for finishing the subs for this drama and uploading it! I actually speak Japanese, so I do not need the subs, but I couldn’t find the episodes anywhere else. So thank you so much for your hard work! <3

  6. I’m a French reader of “Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay ni Kokuru” and I found this book very interesting.
    Just thanks you for translate this drama, the work is amazing.
    You awoke in me the curiosity to see other dramas.

  7. the truth about Mr. Fahrenheit really shocked me!!!
    I think that Queen was the star in this drama! The songs moved me so much!
    Ogoe Yūki became my favorite!
    It was a sad drama.
    Thank you for full filling the task! Otsukaresamadeshita!

  8. Let’s look at it from the other side. She was using him. She wanted a boy friend so bad. Here’s this tall handsome unattached guy. So she grabbed him and forced him into a relationship he couldn’t figure out whether he wanted it or not and if he was even capable of having one. On top of that, his friends assisted in pushing him into it.
    Now let’s look at Japanese society. If you’re gay, are you going to acknowledge that in high school, in a repressive society? Aren’t you more likely to seek cover if it’s offered to you? And how do you deal with that friend who’s been “jostling” you since junior high or earlier? It can be very confusing.
    Don’t impute mature thinking onto young people. They are hormonal and aren’t necessarily going to think in the logical fashion you want to force on them.
    So stop whining about he forced her to do something. She forced him into a corner. The society is repressive and he can’t just out himself and say, “Sorry, we can’t date ’cause I’m gay.” Or have you never been in high school?

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