Fukou-kun wa Kiss suru shikanai! ep.08 (Final)

Such a cute, fun and wholesome series! I hope you have enjoyed it as much as we did. I’m definitely gonna miss the boys… and Rui-kun hehe ? Otsukare to boron too~

Fukou-kun wa Kiss suru shikanai!

Sota Ryosuke, Sato Yusuke
Translation and karaoke by boron, the rest by mich

Episode 8 (Final) (Eng Sub)
24min 06s
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      1. HappyAnon

        Thank you so so so so much for your hard work! 😀 Your fansubs are really well made and great. I can tell how much effort you put into translating.

        This has become one of my favorite drama now. It’s pure, funny, sweet and wholesome.
        It makes me happy to see they’ve both found someone who makes them truly happy.
        After one spent his life being avoided, hated, blamed, misunderstood or pitied, feeling guilty for bringing bad luck to those around him, having to hide his true feelings and thoughts in order to appear normal and get at least shallow friendships, while the other didn’t know who he could really trust and had only two loyal friends, because a lot of people were with him only to take advantage of his luck and used him… seeing them together moved me. I loved it!

  1. Aoki Sota's single parent

    Omg so fast not even 24 hours after the episode was aired!! Thank you so much I’m gonna miss these cuties omg hope there will be season two or they will act in another new series soon!

  2. yummygus

    That was an awesome series!! Thank you for bringing it to us!!! (also wondering whats the show at the end haha)

  3. Jay

    Loved the series and the subbing. Can someone tell me what’s the series that was teased at the end tho? I’ really curious…

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