Guilty: Kono Koi wa Tsumi desuka? ep.06

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Guilty: Kono Koi wa Tsumi desuka?

Shinkawa Yua, Machida Keita, Koike Teppei, Nakamura Yurika, Kamio Fuju, etc.
Translation by TiduAura, everything else by Mich.

Episode 6 (Eng Sub)
43min 22s
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8 thoughts on “Guilty: Kono Koi wa Tsumi desuka? ep.06

  1. Thanks for the new ep! Really thankful for the subs
    And sorry because i forgot to warn for the spoiler on mu comment last episode it’s because i was excited lmao.
    And this episode is shocking too omg I’m looking forward to the rest

    1. ah no worries, i didn’t mention beforehand so it wasn’t your fault. but yeah, this episode… 😮😮

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