Hakozume ep.02

Another fun episode! In fact I enjoyed this ep more than the first haha. Hope you are also enjoying the series so far! It’s nice how each ep’s opening sequence is different ne. The ending theme is also really fitting!

  • The Shinsengumi is a special police force organized by the military government in 1863 and was active until 1869. Saito Hajime served as the captain of the third unit.
  • Ronin are wandering samurais who had no lord or master.
  • I left some words in romaji as I felt they’re pretty common e.g. yakiniku (grilled meat cuisine), harami (beef skirt steak), gyutan (beef tongue), shojo manga (comics aimed at young girls).
  • 2.5D (two and a half dimensional) is a term used to describe something that depicts 2D things in 3D, for e.g. actors who portray anime characters in real life on stage.
  • Abbreviations: M.O. for modus operandi, XP for experience points


Hakozume ~Tatakau! Koban Joshi~

Toda Erika, Nagano Mei, Muro Tsuyoshi, Miura Shohei, Yamada Yuki, Nishino Nanase

Episode 2 (Eng Sub)
51min 49s
Download Hardsub (578MB, 1280*720)
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  1. Nuala

    I enjoyed this one too! During the paired tailing of the suspect, i just remembered Hirunaka no Ryusei: kawaiXminamoto = chunchunXshishioSensei hihi

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