Hakozume ep.04

Thank you for waiting. I hope you enjoy this episode too! There is still no announcement on when ep5 will be aired. For the broadcast tonight and next week, they will be airing specials instead. BTW, this isn’t related to Hakozume, but I had a chat with fi3 today regarding Gyouretsu no Megami. As she’s still busy with her thesis, I will take over the translation for ep4. Ganbarimasu! Now, on to the notes :-

  • Hiyashi Chuka literally means “chilled Chinese”, but it’s a Japanese dish that’s usually eaten in summer. It consists of chilled noodles with various toppings (usually colorful and cut into strips) along with a sauce. I translated it as “cold ramen” here.
  • Anpanman (literally red bean bun man) is the main character of a Japanese children’s superhero picture book series written by Yanase Takashi in 1973. His face looks like a red bean bun. Anpanman’s face is often known as one of the easiest things to draw.
  • Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets or confections. Dorayaki is a type of wagashi, with sweet red bean paste sandwiched between sweet pancakes (and is Doraemon’s favourite snack ^^).
  • Kabe-don literally means “wall-bang” and is a popular trope in romantic comedies where (typically) the male character slams his palm(s) or arm(s) onto the wall, producing the sound “don”, to corner a girl.

Hakozume ~Tatakau! Koban Joshi~

Toda Erika, Nagano Mei, Muro Tsuyoshi, Miura Shohei, Yamada Yuki, Nishino Nanase

Episode 4 (Eng Sub)
51min 48s
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  1. Fran

    Thank you so much for translating ? Loved this episode! Makes me think I should join the police just to find my own police gurl gang ??

  2. Nuala

    This ep was hilarious ? thanks so much for subbing! The watching the video and sleeping scenes, so funny I can’t….

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