Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imouto ep.07

Here’s the penultimate ep! One more to go!

Kemutai Ane to Zurui Imouto
Kuriyama Chiaki, Baba Fumika, Yanagi Shuntaro

Episode 7 (Eng Sub)
38min 36s
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  1. Tati

    Spoiler! The mother messed the sisters up. It is amazing how one’s feeling can warp a person perception of reality. Jun thought her mother was strict but she was smothering mother because she had a affair with her past lover. Her lover was her father on top of that. She neglect to give Ranchan the same love because her father she did not love. Most likely a marriage of convenience. Those things had warped theur perceptions of each other and they turn into enemies.

    Rikkun got caught up in the middle of them but he really made bad choices that led to this. How you going to married the sister after you knew she lied smh!

    Anyway great episode!

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