Otonari ni Ginga Week 04

Week 4! We are half way through the series! Enjoy~

Some t/notes for these 4 eps:

  • Osechi: traditional food enjoyed on New Year’s day in Japan
  • Sasadango: rice cake filled with red bean paste wrapped in bamboo leaves; specialty of Niigata
  • Masunosushi: pressed type of trout sushi wrapped in bamboo leaves; a specialty of Toyama
  • Kotatsu: a heated low-lying wooden table covered by a blanket with a tabletop
  • Kohaku: short for NHK Kohaku Uta Gassen (literally, NHK Red and White Song Battle), an annual New Year’s Eve television special produced by Japanese public broadcaster NHK

A Galaxy Next Door (Eng Sub)

Sano Hayato, Yagi Rikako
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