Rental nan mo shinai hito ep.06

Another heartwarming episode! Enjoy~ 😊🧒

Rent A Person Who Does Nothing

Masuda Takahisa, Higa Manami, Hayama Shono, Furutachi Kanji, etc.

Episode 6 (Eng Sub)
Guest: Tokunaga Eri
32min 50s
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9 thoughts on “Rental nan mo shinai hito ep.06

  1. lol i kinda want those hats

    And uptight business guy is prolly gonna rent him halfway through or maybe second to last episode and realize he knows him b/c they went to the same high school/college together. (Or Rental-san works for the same company he does before he quit. And inspires him to quit/change his life style or so lol)

  2. Thank you for translating this drama πŸ™‚
    A minor character, who’s the girl giving the brochure to passerby for the barber shop?
    Is it Fumika Baba? Feels unlikely..
    Anyway, thanks

    1. You’re welcome πŸ™‚ Oh, that girl isn’t Baba Fumika, but a model called Kurusu Runa (δΉ…η•™ζ –γ‚‹γͺ).

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