Rental nan mo shinai hito ep.08

We had another beautiful episode. Unfortunately, the broadcast of ep9 will be postponed till further notice. Seems like they only managed to film 8 eps before it got interrupted by the pandemic. However, good news is they don’t seem to be cutting short the series but will continue filming the remaining 4 eps once restrictions are lifted. We are expecting this to be a 12-episode series 🙂

Rent A Person Who Does Nothing

Masuda Takahisa, Higa Manami, Hayama Shono, Furutachi Kanji, etc.

Episode 8 (Eng Sub)
Guest: Matsuo Satoru
32min 36s
Download Hardsub (423MB, 1280*720)
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  1. Azusa 15

    Thank you so much for your amazing work in this drama… I love your subs and I really have fun watching the 8 episodes.. I’ll look forward the next episodes.


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