Super Rich ep.01

Thank you for waiting! Enjoy the first episode! 💰🔥

Eguchi Noriko, Akaso Eiji, Machida Keita

Episode 1 (Eng Sub)
57min 24s
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19 thoughts on “Super Rich ep.01

  1. I was just rewatching cherry magic when this popped out suddenly in the recent posts lmao. TYSM!!!!! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!!! GANBARIMASU! this just made my day.❤

  2. Thanks for picking this up. Been following the show status on Twitter so I’m glad I finally get to watch it!

  3. Thank you so much for this! Me and my partner have only just finished watching your subs for Cherry Magic (very late to the party, I know) and absolutely LOVED it – we’re really excited to see Machida Keita and Akaso Eiji performing together again, and with Eguchi Noriko, no less!

  4. .I love Keita and Eiji so much as Kurosawa and Adachi in Cherry Magic, there is absolutely no way I would miss watching them in this series. I love the first episode and love it even more you’re translating it. A definite Win-Win. Thank you……………..

  5. thanks for the sub! this sound interesting and eiji really looks so soft here aaaaa (。ノω\。) thank you for your hardwork!~

  6. For Super Rich Ep.01, it says the video has been removed. Can you please re-post it?

    Thanks in advance!!

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