Super Rich ep.03

My fav ep so far! Eiji was too adorable I couldn’t stop kyaaing lol. Please enjoy!

T/N: The lines at 10:29 ~ 10:46 are actually lyrics of the song “Dry Flower” by Yuuri (who sings Super Rich’s theme song “Betelgeuse”); translation from the eng captions of the official music video on YT.

Super Rich

Eguchi Noriko, Akaso Eiji, Machida Keita

Episode 3 (Eng Sub)
46min 22s
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12 thoughts on “Super Rich ep.03

  1. This episode was great and Akaso was so adorable <3
    I just checked out the subs on Viki and they are… absurd, to say the least. As someone who didn't grow up in rural Texas, USA (I assume that's what they were supposed to portray, but IDK), I find it hard to even parse them. Please, please please, don't stop subbing! We rely on you for good quality, dependable subs!

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