Super Rich ep.04

This is definitely Sora’s ep. There’s also a bit of ???‍♂️ fanservice here lol. Enjoy!

Super Rich

Eguchi Noriko, Akaso Eiji, Machida Keita

Episode 4 (Eng Sub)
46min 22s
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  1. papaya

    I wanted to wait until it’s finished but I couldn’t help myself, so I ended up bingeing the first three episodes yesterday. Imagine my unadulterated joy when I opened your website and found episode 4! Thank you so much for subbing this 😀

  2. Catbaloo (@Catbaluu)

    Thank you soo muuuuch ♥️ I thought I would not survive seeing our Cherry Magic boys fighting over a woman, but their chemistry is just so good – doesn’t matter if it’s as lovers or love rivals. Is it bad if I ship them as a trio now?!? Can’t wait for next week.

  3. Doe Eagle (@fairy_nini)

    How much I was wishing that Sora would take out only belt and snap it on table (of course can’t hit him). he would have shit there. But I understand Sora’s mental situation and helplessness there to save project.
    Wish I could enter the story and thrash this awful character with belt.
    Machida is as always phenomenal in acting. but such scene breaks my heart. why our dear’s character gets harassed so much? in cherry magic too. In general, harassment to male workers in pretty much ignored in society, and it is so uncommon to see it in dramas etc. in both characters, Machida expressed this pain, attack on one’s dignity etc so well that anyone can connect to it. even non-believers would get a feeling in their heart
    At last thank you so much irozuku. I watched Cherry magic here…after many days I came again and was glad to find a series with our Adachi and Kurosawa again

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